Infectious Disease Information and Protocols

  • DCIU has developed guidelines for programs on the prevention and control of communicable diseases in the school setting and incorporates exclusion, treatment, immunization, and infection control recommendations. Additionally, we have included several new conditions to the book including Coronavirus.

    The resource guide, Adapted DCIU Communicable Disease Guidelines 2020, is a reference tool designed to be used by schools and healthcare professionals in the school setting. Many of these resources have been pulled from a similar document provided by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health and the School District of Philadelphia. It provides an overview of more than 50 diseases and conditions with the intent to regularly add to this document as additional information is obtained. It specifically details:

    • Common signs and symptoms
    • Incubation period
    • Method of infection
    • Recommended therapy and management
    • Immunization availability and requirements
    • School exclusion recommendations
    • School observation period
    • Reporting requirements to the Delaware County Health Department or PA Dept. of Health

    DCIU Communicable Disease Guide Rev. 6-2022

    Guidelines for Exclusion from School 7-2022



    DOH School Nurse Guidance for Schools (Ebola)

    DOH School Nurse Guidance for Schools

    Plan & Protocol for Ebola and Infectious Diseases