Class of 2020
  • Join us on May 27th at 7pm to honor our class of 2020!

    Our students worked hard this year and we want to celebrate their success in all of the DCTS programs.  Best wishes to our class of 2020 as they leave DCTS on a new adventure to continue their success and advancing toward their future goals. Congratulations to all of our students! Although your graduation may mark the completion of your schooling at DCTS, don't ever stop pursuing knowledge.


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    View our Senior Recognition Program PDF here!


    A Bag of Tools

    Isn’t it strange

    that princes and kings

    and clowns that caper

    in sawdust rings,

    and common people

    like you and me

    are builders of eternity. 

    Each is given a bag of tools;

    A shapeless mass,

    A book of rules,

    And each must make

    ere life has flown,

    a stumbling block or

    a stepping stone.

    ~R. L. Sharpe