A Message from Dr. Maria Edelberg, DCIU Executive Director

  • July 16, 2020

    Dear DCIU and DCTS Staff, 

    On July 15, Governor Tom Wolf held a press conference and updated the Commonwealth on Coronavirus current trends and the states response. His overall message to Pennsylvanians is there is threecatalysts for increases in cases:
    1. People are not wearing masks.
    2. People are not following social distancing guidelines when they are out at bars and restaurants.
    3. There is “a lack of national coordination.”

    Further, Governor Wolf announced a new statewide Order for restrictions on bars, restaurants, and larger indoor gatherings for targeted mitigation efforts to assist in curving the increase in cases. His Order outlines the following:

    Bars and Restaurants
    All businesses in the retail food services industry, including restaurants, wineries, breweries, private clubs, and bars, are permitted to provide take-out and delivery sales of food, as well as  dine-in service in both indoor and outdoor seating areas so long as they strictly adhere to the requirements of the guidance, as required by the order, including:
    • Prohibition from conducting operations unless the facility offers sit-down, dine-in meals or is serving take-out sales of alcoholic beverages. All service must be at a table or booth; bar service is prohibited.
    • Alcohol only can be served for on-premises consumption when in the same transaction as a meal.
    • Non-bar seating in outdoor areas (i.e. tables or counter seats that do not line up to a bar or food service area) may be used for customer seating.
    • Social distancing, masking, and other mitigation measures must be employed to protect workers and patrons.
    • Occupancy is limited to 25 percent of stated fire-code maximum occupancy for indoor dining, or 25 persons for a discrete indoor event or gathering in a restaurant. 


    • All nightclubs are prohibited from conducting operations.

    Events and Gatherings
    Events and gatherings are being defined as a temporary grouping of individuals for defined purposes, that takes place over a limited timeframe, such as hours or days. For example, events and gatherings include fairs, festivals, concerts, or shows and groupings that occur within larger, more permanent businesses, such as shows or performances within amusement parks, individual showings of movies on a single screen/auditorium within a multiplex, business meetings or conferences, or each party or reception within a multi-room venue.

    These events and gatherings must adhere to:

    • Indoor events and gatherings of more than 25 persons are prohibited.
    • Outdoor events and gatherings of more than 250 persons are prohibited.

    • Unless not possible, all businesses are required to conduct their operations in whole or in part remotely through individual teleworking of their employees in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which they do business.

    Gyms and Fitness Facilities
    • All gyms and fitness facilities, while permitted to continue indoor operations, are directed to prioritize outdoor physical fitness activities.

    I have received several questions regarding the telework part of Governor Wolf’s Order. DCIU is in compliance with the Governor’s Order as for many of our employees we remain in part remotely through telework as well as physically being present 50% of the time. DCIU plans to continue this model through August 28. Please know that not all staff may be able to telework due to the nature of the program or service and their job functions. DCIU is serving many children, families, and clients since our health and safety plan was approved.

    We are living in some unprecedented times right now. The only thing we are certain of is we need to create our “new normal” and work together to implement our health and safety plan. We know as we ease back into our work lives, things look different, our actions and usual routines must be different. Now more than ever, our DCIU community needs to support each other and take care of ourselves and one another. Please take time to review the Health and Safety Plan on the website, DCIU/DCTS Health and Safety Plan, to learn about the protocols put in place to help ensure our health and safety. Please also review this brief video for a snapshot of some of the important steps we all must take while at work: Welcome Back-Health and Safety Brief. It is important to know that our plan is fluid and will be updated as additional guidance and information is learned.

    Finally, in the midst of our crazy “new normal,” there is good news: we are here. DCIU still stands strong, ready to continue meeting our mission, vision and goals. I want to thank you all for your patience, understanding and perseverance during these trying times and for doing your part to ensure a healthy environment for all.


    Dr. Edelberg Signature

    Dr. Maria Edelberg
    Executive Director

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