Visit The Delaware County Technical High Schools!

  • Parents Visitations:  Parents can schedule to visit the programs their son/daughter is interested in based on the campus where the program is held. Parent tours last approx. 30min. 

    To Register:

    1. Determine which campus has the programs you’re son/daughter is interested in (see list below)
    2. Email the appropriate DCTS counselor to schedule

    Aston Campus:

    Folcroft Campus:

     Include in your email the following information:

    • Parent name
    • Child’s name
    • Programs you’d like to visit
    • Visitation time preference (9am or 1pm)
    • Date preference (see below)

    Dates:   TBD    


    ASTON Programs                                                           FOLCROFT Programs

    Advertising, Design, & Commercial Art                        Automotive Technology (2 classes)

    Biomed Technology & Laboratory Science                  Building Trades

    Carpentry                                                                     Collision Repair Technology

    Computer IT Programming & Software Devl                Cosmetology (2 classes)

    Computer Networking & Digital Forensics                    Culinary Arts

    Cosmetology                                                                 Emergency & Protective Services

    Culinary Arts                                                                 Health Sciences (4 classes)

    Dental Occupations                                                      Logistics & Inventory Management

    Early Childhood Education                                           Medical Careers (3 hospitals)

    Electrical Construction Technology

    Engineering Technologies

    Exercise Therapy & Sports Science


    Medical Careers (3 hospitals)

    Teacher Preparation Academy


    District Counselor Liaisons

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