• Generalized Searches

    The safety of all students and staff is of vital importance and we make every effort to maintain a safe school environment. Upon arriving at school, all students will walk through a metal detector. If the metal detector alerts the staff to the presence of metal either on the student’s person or in a student’s bag this will be considered reasonable suspicion to require the student to open their bag for further inspection and/or empty their pockets in order to ensure that there is no credible threat to the safety of the students and staff. The DCIU Board Policy states that all lockers or other forms of storage are and shall remain the property of the Intermediate Unit. As such, students shall have no expectation of privacy of these units. School administrators are authorized to conduct unannounced searches of schools through the use of, but not limited to, canine surveillance.


    Individual Searches

    If there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity or the possession of contraband items, the administration reserves the right to conduct a search of the student’s personal possessions including any and all bags brought into the facility and outerwear such as coats, sweatshirts and hoodies, etc. The DCIU Board Policy authorizes school officials to search a student or his/her locker if they have suspicion of criminal activity or possession of contraband items