• Student Dress Code

    The clothes worn to school should be neat, clean, not present a safety hazard, and meet generally accepted standards of modesty. Students dressed inappropriately will be referred to the Administration and given alternatives where appropriate. We ask that parents enforce the following dress regulations:

    • No apparel or jewelry advertising or glorifying drugs, including alcohol and tobacco.
    • No clothing displaying slogans or pictures with obscene language, violence, lewd or illegal behavior or double meanings.
    • No clothing or jewelry with satanic cult references or gang colors/symbols.
    • No underwear or pajamas worn as outer garments.
    • No wearing of clothes so that underwear is visible.
    • No bare midriff, tank tops, see-through or muscle shirts.
    • No jewelry depicting weapons or with studs or sharp edges.
    • No hats, caps, bandanas or other head coverings may be worn in school.
    • Appropriate shoes should be worn. No heavy boots with heavy black soles may be worn in school. Slippers, flip flops or slides are not appropriate for school.
    • No outerwear (includes coats, jackets, hooded sweatshirts) may be worn in school without permission.
    • Shirts must be worn at all times.
    • Skirts and shorts must be a reasonable length, generally no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.

    OPTIONS: Not all situations or conditions can be covered by a dress code. The staff, at their sole discretion, will determine the appropriateness of any item of school dress and maintain the authority to contact the supervisor whose dress is considered disruptive or harmful for reasons of health and safety. Staff will demonstrate by example, positive attitudes towards neatness, cleanliness, and good sense in attire.  Students who participate in the OPTIONS programs are often issued a uniform or asked to wear skid proof shoes and hair coverings for specific assignments. Students should also be prepared for varying weather conditions.

  • Student Parking

    OPTIONS: All students who wish to drive to their assigned community site must complete a permission slip.

    The following points list the requirements, restrictions and penalties associated with parking on community property.

    1. Students are responsible for all paperwork. No student will receive a permission to drive to community sites if his/her paperwork is incomplete for any reason.
    2. Driving practices considered to be reckless, unsafe, or discourteous may result in the loss of driving privileges. THERE WILL BE NO WARNINGS. In addition, violations of local and state laws will be reported to the PA State Police.
    3. DCIU – DCIU Education Center is not responsible or liable for damages, theft, etc., to automobiles parked in a Parking Lot.
    4. If reasonable suspicion exists that any contraband, such as weapons, drugs, or alcohol are in a vehicle on school district property, an administrative search will be conducted.