• Safety Drills

    Teachers will explain the proper procedures to follow to their students. When the fire alarm sounds, all areas are to be cleared. Students are to follow their staff and co-workers to the designated safety zone and stay with their group at all times. Students should move orderly, rapidly, quietly, and away from the building as quickly as possible. Emergency procedures are in place for each community site in the OPTIONS program. From time to time we will have other emergency preparedness drills that may be related to extreme weather conditions or other emergency situations.


    Video Monitoring

    Delaware County intermediate Unit has a responsibility to maintain order and discipline on DCIU property and in buildings operated by DCIU/DCTS. DCIU recognizes the value of video surveillance for monitoring activities on DCIU/DCTS operated properties and uses video surveillance to monitor activities to assist in protecting the health, welfare and safety of students and staff and to safeguard DCIU buildings, facilities, equipment, buses and property. Accordingly, video surveillance may occur at any time in any DCIU building, facility, buses, and property.


    Restricted Items

    Electronics and Other Personal Items

    OPTIONS students often use cell phones for scheduling, communicating with transportation and staff members. They are permitted to have cell phones, however must follow the policy of the community site when in use. DCIU staff are not responsible for the loss of or damage to any items brought to school.


    School Property

    It is everyone’s responsibility to take the very best care of our school. Anyone found damaging or defacing community l property will face disciplinary action and restitution for damages. Depending on the severity of the vandalism, the administration may file criminal charges with the local police.