• Requests for Early Dismissals 

    To prevent confusion and to ensure the safety of all students, parents are asked to call the office in advance or send in a written note indicating the requested time for dismissal, the reason for the early dismissal, and the person who will pick up the student.

    Students being picked up early must be signed out by an adult who is on a list authorized by their parent/guardian that is maintained in the office. We appreciate your cooperation with the following procedure:

    • Parents/Guardians must provide the teacher with a list of adults authorized to remove their child from school grounds. (Individuals Authorized to Remove Child from School form).
    • Only adults on the authorized list will be allowed to pick up the student from school.
    • Adults, other than parents, must present photo identification before the student may be dismissed into their care.
    • If an individual comes to the school to pick up your child and his/her name is not on the authorization list and/or the person cannot provide identification, YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE DISMISSED TO THAT PERSON.
  • Visitation

    Parents are a vital part of the school community and we welcome all parents. There will be special events throughout the school year that will be ideal times for parent visitations, parents should feel free to arrange a visit at other times. If a visitation is for any other purpose than a parent or teacher-initiated conference, or an IEP meeting please make arrangements through the school office.

    You may leave a message for your child’s teacher at the main community phone number. Teachers will return calls in early morning, between classes, or at the end of the school day, as they have opportunity.


    Visitation/Consulation Involving Agency Personnel

    We welcome the presence and involvement of the many different agencies that provide a variety of supportive services to our students and their families. To prevent any delay of services, it is important that agency professionals who wish to work with our students during the school day be familiar with DCIU procedures that comply with the Pennsylvania School Code. School personnel will gladly assist in providing information and/or required forms if needed.

    To prevent any disruption to the educational process and to ensure the availability of staff, professionals from other agencies that wish to visit any OPTIONS sites during the day, the staff must be notified. Professionals who show up unannounced may be asked to schedule an appointment for a later date. Agency staff will also be required to show their identification credentials and other required documents listed below.

    In order for us to share information regarding a particular student, we must have a Release of Information that is signed by the parent and that specifies information to be released.

    The Pennsylvania School Code clearly requires that all personnel who work in our school buildings must present during their initial visit the following three documents (copies will be made at that time):

    • ORIGINAL State Police Criminal Background Check or the PATCH (which we must verify online) – Act 34
    • ORIGINAL Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Clearance – Act 151
    • FBI Clearance issued through the Pennsylvania Department of Education via the Cogent System.

    Please note that building administrators or other staff cannot make any exceptions to the above.