What are the Classroom Diagnostic Tools?

    The Pennsylvania Classroom Diagnostic Tools (CDT) is a set of online tools designed to provide diagnostic information in order to guide instruction and provide support to students and teachers. These tools (available at no cost to districts) are fully integrated and aligned with the  Standards Aligned System (SAS) and will assist educators in identifying students’ academic strengths and areas of need, providing links to classroom resources.
     The CDT is:
    Offered to students in grades 6 through high school.
    Available for use in the classroom throughout the school year on a  voluntary basis.
    Based on content assessed by the Keystone Exams and the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA).
    Composed of multiple-choice items.
    Delivered as an online Computer Adaptive Test (CAT), ensuring valid and reliable measures of a student’s skills while minimizing testing time.
    Designed to provide real-time results for students and teachers with links to Materials and Resources in SAS.
    The CDT Cycle:


    What types of data and resources do the CDT provide?
    Group Diagnostic and Growth Data
    Individual Diagnostic and Growth Data
    Links to Standards, Eligible Content and
            Instructional Resources
    Learning Progressions Maps     
             and Information