William Penn School District Superintendent Search

  • The DCIU Search Consultants are conducting the search for the next Superintendent of Schools for the William Penn School District (WPSD). Information and updates can be found here or on the WPSD website.


    August 29, 2019 Update

    A meeting of the William Penn School District (WPSD}) Superintendent Search Sub-committee was held on Monday, August 5 at 6:30 pm at the Administrative Office. In addition, the Board of School Directors met on three separate occasions with the DCIU Search Consultants in Executive Session.

    At the August 5 Search Sub-committee meeting, Dr. Maria Edelberg, Executive Director of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, introduced herself and members of the DCIU Search Consultant Team who were present. The purpose of this meeting was to review and seek feedback on the upcoming survey that is planned to be implemented during the first few weeks of September 2019.

    Dr. Edelberg explained the purpose of the survey, which is to garner stakeholder input in identifying strengths, challenges and superintendent qualities important to all stakeholders. The data from the survey and the focus groups will help develop a Superintendent Leadership Profile. The profile describes the ideal characteristics, skills, expertise and knowledge the next WPSD Superintendent should possess.

    The August 5 meeting attendees provided valuable feedback on the survey, which has been incorporated into the final version of the survey. The survey will be launched after Labor Day.

    A timeline for the superintendent search was outlined. This timeline was developed by the WPSD Board of Directors.

  • Search Timeline

    The general Search Timeline is as follows.

    • July – August 2019
      Meetings with the Board and Superintendent Search Subcommittee
      Soft launch for advertising
    • September – November 2019
      Survey and Community and Staff Focus Groups*
      Advertising and Recruitment
    • December – February 2020
      Screening Process and Interviews
    • February – March 2020
      Finalist Selection and Appointment


    WPSD Elementary Students

  • Focus Groups

    WPSD Community Member Focus Groups

    The William Penn School District community are invited to take part in a small discussion group, about 90 minutes, to provide input on the ideal qualities for your next Superintendent. Participation in the Focus Groups is a key part of this process.

    All members of the community are welcome to attend. The WPSD will be providing transportation to the focus group for community members. Visit the Focus Group page for more information on registration, dates, and transportation.

    Dates for Administrators, Staff and Students

    William Penn School District administrators, staff and students are invited to take part in a small discussion group, of about 90 minutes, to provide input for your next Superintendent. This is an opportunity to contribute to the development of the Superintendent leadership profile and discuss the needs of the district. Visit the Focus Group page for more information on registration and session dates.