DCIU Comprehensive Plan July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2022

  • Program/Department: Student Services |  Department Director: Kevin Kane

    Goal: Establish a system within DCIU school-age programs that fully ensures consistent implementation of standards aligned curricula and effective instructional practices across all classrooms, and ensures assessments aligned with established course curricula and instruction are used to monitor student achievement and to adjust instructional practices.
    Measurable: 3% increase in overall achievement based on applicable assessments (BRIGANCE, CDT, GRADE, AIMsweb, PSSA/PASA/Keystone) – 3% Increase in ELA results by 2022

    Strategy: ELA Program Audit
    Conduct an ELA program audit that consists of an examination of curriculum, instructional practices, assessments and professional development

    Action Steps

    • Conduct surveys, focus groups and classroom walkthroughs for teachers/administrators regarding current alignment of curriculum, instructional practices, assessments
    • Based on survey and focus group data, identify gaps, overlaps and needs for curriculum instructional practices and assessments
    • Timeline: Spring 2019 – 7/19  |  Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & Consultants
    • Indicators of Implementation: Audit Report – Report/analysis of gaps, overlaps and needs.

    Strategy: Curriculum Scope & Sequence
    Articulate a clear scope and sequence for ELA curriculum and assessments aligned to PA common core standards that account for diverse learning needs within program

    Action Steps

    1. Use the analysis report from the audit to identify what students should know and be able to do at each level
      • Timeline: 8/19-10/19   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & Supervisors
      • Indicators of Implementation: Prepared report 
    2. Articulate the scope and sequence of the curriculum using an identified template
      • Timeline: 10/19-2/20   Person(s) Responsible: CIPL Consultants
      • Indicators of Implementation: Curriculum Documents
    3. Identify/develop assessments aligned to the curriculum
      • Timeline: 2/20-6/20   Person(s) Responsible: CIPL Consultants
      • Indicators of Implementation: Curriculum Documents
    4. Identify resources needed to implement the new curriculum and assessment plan
      • Timeline: 2/20-6/20   Person(s) Responsible: CIPL Consultants
      • Indicators of Implementation: List of Assessments
    5. Select research based instructional strategies designed to meet the needs of diverse learners
      • Timeline: 6/20-6/21   Person(s) Responsible: Teachers
      • Indicators of Implementation: List of Resources
    6. Implement curriculum revisions and additions as articulated
      • Timeline: 8/21-6/22   Person(s) Responsible: Teachers
      • Indicators of Implementation: List of instructional strategies

    Strategy: Technology Plan
    Technology review and replacement to support goals in curriculum, instruction and assessment

    Action Steps

    1. Inventory/assess technology in all programs (e.g. hardware, software, etc.)   Timeline: 8/19-6/20 
    2. Research best practices pertaining to technological assets by program   Timeline: 8/19-6/20  
    3. Determine needs and costs of technology by program   Timeline: 3/20-6/20 
    4. Create and action plan to purchase technology to fill gaps and needs   Timeline: 3/20-6/20 
    5. Create a PD plan to train staff in new technologies as needed   Timeline: 3/20-6/20 
    6. Establish a long-term technology replacement plan   Timeline: 6/20-8/20

    Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & Director of Technology

    Indicators of Implementation: 

    • Spreadsheet of available technology by program
    • Plan for new technology to include resources and funding, and timeline
    • PD plan
    • Long-term purchasing and replacement plan

    Strategy: Professional Development
    Develop processes and procedures to incorporate teacher and program needs for professional development

    Action Steps

    1. Identify appropriate PD priorities to meet teacher needs
      • Timeline: 6/20   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane 
      • Indicators of Implementation: Survey and focus data collected
    2. Develop PD to address priorities identified through the work done in strategies 1-3 articulated above
      • Timeline: 6/20-8/20   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & CIPL Director
      • Indicators of Implementation: PD Prioiritized Needs
    3. Establish a professional development calendar that reflects identified priorities and goals
      • Timeline: 6/20-8/20   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & CIPL Director
      • Indicators of Implementation: PD Prioiritized Needs
    4. Identify teacher leaders who can co-facilitate professional development topics and provide turn around trainings for new employees as a part of the induction process
      • Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & CIPL Director  |  Indicators of Implementation: Identified Teacher leaders
    5. Select research based instructional strategies designed to meet the needs of diverse learners
    6. Provide professional development on research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners
      • Timeline: 8/20-6/21   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & CIPL Director
      • Indicators of Implementation: Research-based strategy list
    7. Provide professional development on best instructional practices for teaching all students in an inclusive setting
      • Timeline: 8/20-6/21   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & Supervisors
      • Indicators of Implementation: Sign in sheets and Supervisors evaluations of all PD sessions

    Strategy: PLCs
    Articulate/revise the PLC process to support curriculum instruction and assessment alignment with a strong focus on Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

    Action Steps

    • Create a PLC schedule and expectations for PLCs to include strategies for literacy, meeting the needs of diverse learners, differentiation, student engagement, collaboration, assessment and technology integration
      • Timeline: Summer 2020   Person(s) Responsible: K. Kane & Student Administrators
      • Indicators of Implementation: PLC plan to include Services Administrators schedule by program and expectations
    • Implement PLC plan
    • Monitor implementation of newly learned strategies through learning walks
      • Timeline: 8/20-6/22   Person(s) Responsible: Student Services Administrators
      • Indicators of Implementation: PLC Minutes & Feedback, Observational Walkthroughs