Parents of Children Receiving Early Intervention Services

  • Are you thinking about enrolling your school age child in a nonpublic school in Delaware County? If so, the following information will help you understand what services are available and what you can do to make sure your child continues to be monitored and supported in school. If your child has been receiving Early Intervention services, make sure that your child continues to receive support and monitoring when entering Kindergarten or 1st grade in a nonpublic school. It is important that we all work together to meet your child’s needs.

    Nonpublic School Services

    It is important for you to know that Nonpublic School Services may vary from school to school. Below is a summary of services that may be available in the nonpublic school you are considering. 

    Act 89 remedial services are provided to schools based on the student enrollment numbers and the needs of the school after consultation with each school principal. At this time DCIU offers remedial reading and math, counseling, psychological services, and speech/language services. Any combination of these services may be available at a particular school. Please check with the school principal about specific services at the school you are considering.

    Act 89 services are supplemental services that are intended to provide additional supports for students in regular education programming. They are not special education services and cannot replace the services that may be offered to students in public school districts. 

    Equitable Participation services are provided to students at each school that have been evaluated in accordance with federal (IDEA) and state (Chapter 14) regulations and found eligible as a student with a disability who requires specially designed instruction. These evaluations can be conducted by the school district of residence or an intermediate unit.  

    If a student is identified as eligible as a special education student, there are services offered to students in nonpublic schools through Equitable Participation. These services are not an offer of FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) and an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is not developed by DCIU or the nonpublic school. FAPE can only be offered by the school district of residence. 

    At this time the DCIU offers Equitable Participation services that include consultations for teachers and other staff working with the student, professional development for staff, and the purchase of supplementary aids and materials to support specially designed instruction for that student. If your child has been receiving early intervention services, you should:

    • Work with your school district of residence to complete a school age reevaluation to determine if your child continues to be eligible as a special education student.
    • If the school district finds your child eligible for school age special education services, they will make an offer of FAPE. You do not have to accept it and can chose to enroll your child in a nonpublic school.
    • Share all evaluations (both early intervention and school district) with the nonpublic school principal and DCIU when you enroll your child. This will allow the school to develop a plan to meet the needs of your child.
    • If you enroll your child in a nonpublic school and have not had a school age reevaluation completed by your school district, contact DCIU to discuss your child’s needs.
    • If your child is eligible as a school age special education student and is enrolled in a nonpublic school, DCIU can provide support and monitoring via Equitable Participation services.