Step Up To Writing

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    Hamburger Model Question: How can I help my child with writing and support the strategies that he/she is learning at Literacy Camp?

    Answer – At Literacy Camp, we use the Step Up To Writing program to provide direct instruction in a systematic multisensory manner. Students learn how to compose complete sentences as well as how to combine those sentences to form paragraphs and multiparagraph reports. Remind your child that each sentence should follow the “Five Finger Test.”

    • Thumb:   Start each sentence with a capital letter.
    • Index:     Use a subject (person, place, thing).
    • Middle:   Use a verb (action).
    • Ring:       Make a complete thought.
    • Pinkie:    Use ending punctuation

    We focus on expository and summary writing. Students are taught how to organize their thoughts by using the traffic light symbol.

    Green: Go with a topic sentence stating what you will be writing about.
    Yellow: Give your Reasons, Details, Facts to expand the topic.
    Red: Elaborate by giving examples.
    Green: Conclude by restating the information in your topic sentence, but write it in a different way.

    Sometimes, we use the hamburger model, too!

    Summary Paragraph

    IVF model

    When we write summaries, we use the IVF model. We IDENTIFY a topic. We VERB it. We FINISH it.

    Summary Sentence:

    In the article_______________, by __________, the Apple iPhone announces a drop in price.

    Fact Outline:

    • price drop announced at media event in September
    • increased space to 8GB iPhone
    • went from $599 to $399, a $200 drop
    • largest public backlash: customers who paid full price were upset!
    • Apple offered $100 store credit to those who paid original price before Sept. 4th
    • some customers are still upset even after credit

    Summary Paragraph: Student uses the summary topic sentence and the facts to compose the paragraph.

    In the article, “Apple Drops iPhone Price; Chagrin Ensues” by Roberto Baldwin, the Apple iPhone announces a drop in price. Apple stated that there is a drop in the iPhone price along with an increase of space to 8 gigabytes. This announcement took place in September at a media event. The price dropped $200, from $599 to $399, which in turn upset many of Apple’s customers who had purchased an iPhone at the higher price earlier in the yearTherefore, Apple decided to give customers a $100 Apple Store credit if they had purchased the phone before this announcement. Many customers are still not satisfied with this credit!


    (This information was provided by Rachel Billmeyer in her book, Strategic Reading in the Content Areas 2nd edition available summer 2010.)