Employability Skills Program

  • Through the Employability Skills Program, students become familiar with local businesses as well as learn how to meet the demands of an employer. During their experiences the students have the opportunity to strengthen their performance skills, work habits and attitudes. The following are important aspects of the program:

    • The OPTIONS team works with each student to target their individual skills and strengths that are helpful in
      preparing for long-term employment activities.
    • Participants attend training sites during the school day/school year. The program is "open entry-open exit."
    • Students receive cross training to best prepare them for meeting a variety of job qualifications
    • Employability Skills training sites include both large and small business ventures.
    • Students' participation ranges from a half day to multiple days weekly.
    • A site coordinator and/or site trainers are on the premises at all times and are in communication with family and IEP team members.

    Employability skills addressed could include but are not limited to:

    • Acceptance of constructive feedback
    • Work performance and accuracy
    • Problem solving
    • Flexibility
    • Work Stamina
    • Time management