DCIU OPTIONS Enhanced Employment Opportunities (EEO)

  • The OPTIONS Enhanced Employment Opportunities Program provides services to assist both students and adults to prepare for long-term employment.

    Students receive assistance with job development, focusing on their preferences, abilities, and availability. When students are employed, a job coach works with each student at the place of employment until the student is working to the employer's specifications. The coach provides:

    • One-to-one coaching as needed
    • Ongoing support as needed
    • Periodic check-in
    • Assistance with concerns that arise

    Students may work year-round and are available to work weekends and holidays when needed.

    Partnerships are built with employers throughout Delaware County focusing on establishing mutually beneficial relationships where jobs are tailored to employers’ needs and students’ strengths and preferences.
    Since 1994, under contract with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), OPTIONS provides services for adults that include:

    • Assessment
    • Job development and coaching

    Since 1995, DCIU has provided extended supported employment services to the Office of Intellectual Disabilities (OID). Since OVR services are time-limited, customers who require job coaching support for less than 20% of the time and are eligible are referred to OIDD or other agencies for follow-along services. 

    ETC (Extra Thorough Cleaners) is a program that delivers services to the Department of Human Services and the Delaware County Intermediate Unit providing supervised and structured job-skill training where students develop skills that enhance their long-term employability prospects. Examples of these are: vacuuming and sweeping, floor cleaning and mopping, bathroom sanitizing, window washing, and power hosing. Students in this program learn to be reliable and flexible, follow directions, and to work as team members. Students who participate are paid for this experience.

    Thrift Shop on the Avenue is a collaborative effort between the DCARO of Delaware County and the DCIU OPTIONS Program. Students assist in the operation of the Thrift Shop. They receive valuable training in retail skills, such as inventory, customer service, and merchandising. All proceeds go to the DCARO of Delaware County. The DCARO of Delaware County is a non-profit agency that advocates for the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and their families. If students are eligible for current grants, it is possible to receive compensation for their work.