Travel Instruction

  • Since 1985, the OPTIONS Travel Instruction Program has provided students with intensive, one-on-one instruction in how to:

    • Travel safely and independently within the community
    • Use public transportation

    Students work toward full competency in essential travel skills. They must demonstrate mastery of:

    • Street crossing skills related to the travel route
    • Functional travel-related life skills and specific transit routes

    Students learn how to adapt to travel variances such as:

    • A missed stop
    • A detoured bus
    • Blocked pathways and other unplanned ocurrences

    Emphasis is placed on problem solving through guided discovery.

    After a thorough assessment, a four-phase comprehensive instructional program is provided, designed specifically for the needs of the student. For those students not ready for independent travel, basic skills lessons can be provided. These are a series of lessons designed to assist the student to further develop the skills necessary for independent travel.

    Travel Instruction is also a service that is offered for adults. Assessment and instruction can be provided