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    Posted by Andrew Coonradt on 3/28/2014 9:00:00 AM
    The Veterans National Education Program (VNEP) aims to ensure students have the opportunity to learn about not only WWII but also Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other U.S. conflicts.  We need to understand the genesis of conflict: why it occurs; what went wrong; what went right. Young people, as our future policy-makers, must learn how to make good, informed decisions. And to do so, they  must first understand lessons of yesterday. Honor, sacrifice, liberty, and freedom are the tenants of our beloved democracy.  And that is what we learn when we listen to the voices of veterans – both men and women – who selflessly stepped forward to serve. 
    Through professionally produced videos, teachers and students have access to modern history through the understanding of the humanistic and culural aspects of America's military conflicts and how they have influenced the fabric of our global society.  Lesson plans and quizzes aligned to PA standards also accompany the videos. 
    To explore these resources go to http://paiunet.org  once you are on PAIUnet
    go to the right hand side and click on Keystones On Demand from there you can scroll to the Veterans National Education Program.
    Go directly to the Veterans National Education Program from here.
    For more information, please visit, http://v-nep.org
    For Social Studies Curriculum Directors and Teachers :
    New Resources March 2014
    The Veterans National Education Program continues to make relevant updates in  their  Global Awareness Initiative. 
    VNEP has just completed several new interviews with faculty members at the US Army War College for its Global Awareness Map Initiative.  The interviewees describes and shared their thoughts about the crisis in Ukraine, Russia, and five former Soviet now independent, states in the region (Georgia, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania).  Aside from basic demographic information future video clips will address issues such as the Russian annexing of Crimea, the entwined history of these countries, geo-political realities in the region, ethnic Russian populations in post Soviet states, the role  oil  and natural gas  plays in political relationships among countries, the Russian "psyche" and U.S. policy toward Russian and Ukraine.

    New Resources Fall 2013

    The Veterans National Education Program continuously adds new materials that are exceptional resources for any student, teacher, or social studies classroom.  Two recent additions are
    1. An in-depth look at the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to our nation's military.
    2. Global Awareness Map This is an interactive world map with that includes facts,  videos, history, hot topics and assessments about nations around the world. This resource is ideal for discussions about current topics and student research efforts.

    • Veterans National Education Program
    • Presents five films and lesson plans set to PA standards for classrooms in PA.

    The following are of special interest for February and March 2012 :

    FEBRUARY:   Black History Month
    • Tuskegee Airmen package consisting of a 37 minute film/history that will be separated into 8 segments.
    • Lesson Plans and quizzes
    • Trailer of "Red Tails"(Story of the Tuskegee Airmen) -- Full Length film produced by George Lucas. Premier Jan 20 2012.
    • Book on the life of Tuskegee Airmen Luther Smith
    • Congressional Gold Medal ceremony(2007)  309 Tuskegee Airmen receive our Country's highest civilian award.

    MARCH    Womens History Month
    • "Women in the Military" film" separated into 8 segments.
    • The story of the 2.5 million women who have served from the Revolutionary War through today.
    • Lesson plans and quizzes -- PA standards
    • More information will be provided in early January.

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