• Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated in the community. Every effort should be made to achieve a solution, which will allow the student to remain in the program. Behavior which may result in the student being removed from his/her current program should be discussed with the OPTIONS Supervisor, program professional and the home school team.

    Procedures For Disciplinary Action

    The following actions should be taken in the event of a problem:

    • The program professional should discuss the problem with participants
    • The home school contact should be made aware of the problem
    • Expectations should be discussed clearly with the participants
    • If the problem is not resolved, a formal warning should be given before the participant is asked to leave
    • A team meeting should be held to develop training strategies to address the concern and to help prevent it from occurring again. A training plan should be agreed on
    • Implementation of the training plan and progress should be documented and the participant should display a predetermined amount of improvement before returning to the program

    Possible Reasons For Being Asked To Leave A Site

    • Repeated absences
    • Leaving a site without permission
    • Refusal to perform assigned tasks
    • Not abiding by acceptable standards (i.e. hygiene, dress or behavior)
    • Destruction of property
    • Aggressive behavior toward co-workers or supervisor
    • Stealing
    • Use, possession or sale of alcohol or drugs, on or in the area of community classroom, or reporting to site under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    Work Attire

    Students who participate in OPTIONS are always in the public eye. They need to wear clean, appropriate clothing that is well fitting and free of holes.Blue jeans, mini skirts, midriff tops, t-shirts (with decals) sweat pants or shorts are not allowed. Bare legs, including shorts and/or skirts without hosiery, are not permitted at the training sites due to health regulations. Students who are given uniform shirts and badges for work are required to wear them each and every workday. Rubber-soled shoes are recommended. Sneakers in GOOD condition are acceptable.

    Students should always dress prepared for varying weather conditions. We ask that students wear watches and carry an identification card.

    Each program may have varying clothing policies which will be addressed by your instructor.

    Medication Policy

    OPTIONS staff members cannot dispense or administer medication or perform any other medical functions. Students participating in OPTIONS must be able to take care of their own medical needs while in the program.