DCIU - Immaculata University Online Partnership

  • DCIU Online CPE students have the option of adding Immaculata University graduate credit to their courses. For an additional fee per credit, students can add this option when they register for Immaculata approved courses on the DCIU registration system. 

    Transcript Requests

    Official Immaculata University transcripts are available to order directly from Immaculata University. Telephone requests cannot be accepted. Order copies of your official Immaculata University academic transcripts.

Immaculata FAQs

  • What is the benefit of adding Immaculata University credit to my DCIU CPE course?
    Many school districts will only reimburse teachers for graduate credit when it is associated with a university. Check with your human resources department for your district's policy.

    Which courses are currently approved?
    Most of our CPE courses are approved. Every course that offers Immaculata credit has a purchase option in the registration system.

    Can I receive Immaculata University graduate credit for these courses if I have already taken them with DCIU?
    No, this option is is not available retroactively.  

    Are these graduate-level courses?
    Yes, these are graduate-level courses.

    Is the course different if I choose the Immaculata University credit option?
    The course is exactly the same whether you choose the Immaculata option or not. 

    Will I receive a record of my Immaculata Credit?
    You will receive a record of your grades from Immaculata. For an official transcript, please contact the Immaculata University registrar's office.

    Is there a deadline to register?
    Yes. Registration forms must be returned to DCIU within 5 days of the first day of your class.