Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

  • DCIU's Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning offers a varied selection of one, two, and three credit CPE courses for educators pursuing Level II Instructional certificates, Act 48/Act 45 (PIL) hours, or for professional growth. University credit through Immaculata University is also available for many courses.



    DCIU's online courses run on a semester basis. Depending on the number of credits, a course may run anywhere from 2-9 weeks. Upcoming semester schedules may be found through the following link:

    DCIU's CPE Course Catalog

Become a CPE Instructor

  • DCIU is always looking to add new courses to our growing library of Continuing Professional Education offerings for ACT 48 credit. If you have an idea for a course and would like to have the chance to develop and teach it at DCIU, please complete the following:

    Continuing Professional Education Course Application

    Faculty Data Form

    If you'd like more information about course development and CPE teaching opportunities, email



    Instructor compensation is based on course credits and enrollment. The more people who take your course, the more you earn! Courses can be offered in-person, online, or in a hybrid format.

    Compensation is scaled as follows:

    • 5-7 students: $500/credit
    • 8-15 students: $900/credit
    • 16+ students: $1200/credit

    If your course has more than one instructor, instructor fees are split accordingly.