About Zulama

    Zulama uses engaging game design projects to teach students the same programming languages that professionals use in high-tech workplaces. Through hands-on, project-based learning, Zulama students develop portfolios and skills they need to be successful in today's global workforce. Students are prepared to pursue careers not only in the game industry, but in a wide variety of fields that combine creativity and STEM.

    Zulama's engaging, rigorous curricula brings computer science to any class at anytime, helping middle and high school students to bridge the gap from drag and drop programming to text-based coding.

    Audience: 6-12

    Cost: fee-based


    Why Zulama

    • Zulama has developed an unprecedented way to engage teenagers in programming and STEM subjects through game design. They have developed a mix of modules and courses that fit within middle and high school curriculum.
    • With Zulama, schools don't need experienced computer science teachers. They have developed a way to make programming easy for ALL teachers to teach, regardless of their content area.


    The Curriculum

    Zulama Long Courses each contain over 80 hours of lessons, activities, projects and content. The content is delivered through a browser-based platform into your classrooms, where students participate in hands-on, project-based activities and assignments.


    Each Course Contains

    • Interactive class discussions
    • Online and offline activities
    • Hands-on project-based learning
    • WebQuests
    • Formative and authentic assessments
    • A rich multimedia experience through photos, video, audio, and animations


    Learning Outcomes

    • "Hard Skills" like programming and digital art
    • "Soft Skills" like teamwork and grit
    • Higher-order thinking skills identified in Bloom's Taxonomy
    • Skills identified in state and national standards
    • A passion for STE(A)M subjects