About Kodable

    Kodable is a complete K-5 curriculum taking students from learning to think like a programmer in Kindergarten to real JavaScript by 5th grade. Kodable's curriculum is aligned to K-5 standards which are a roadmap for developing the whole student through computer science. Kodable provides easy to follow lesson plans focused on student outcomes so teachers can teach their students to code, no computer science knowledge required.

    Audience: Grades K-5

    Cost: fee-based


    Integrated Learning

    Kodable offers a 42 week scope and sequence or teachers can choose over 70 lesson plans covering subjects ranging from math and ELA to digital citizenship and JavaScript.


    Curriculum Pathway

    K-2: Learn to identify code as a language and how to apply algorithms to complete computational tasks.

    3-5: Learn to ready, modify, and write scripts to change what happens in JavaScript programs.


    An All-In-One Curriculum

    • Easy to follow lessons: 70+ lesson plans written for beginner teachers covering everything from Sequence to JavaScript
    • Concept tutorials: videos explain new concepts before each unit
    • Gamified practice: Students practice new skills after each lesson with fuzzy aliens in space
    • Monitor outcomes: Stay on track with CS standards and weekly updates
    • Foster creativity: Guide students from learning to think critically to creating new programs in JavaScript
    • Learn more than code: Create a culture of learning that prepares students academically and personally