Wonder Workshop


    About Wonder Workshop

    Every day, classrooms around the world demonstrate the powerful sense of collaboration and hands-on learning that Dash, Dot, and Cue inspire in students. Wonder Workshop's comprehensive solution provides educators with a concrete way to teach an abstract concept - coding; it's the new literacy.


    The Curriculum

    Wonder Workshop's standards-based curricular resources spark creativity and self-confidence with students of all ages, inspiring them to dream up new adventures while developing lifelong skills and competencies.

    Guide students to practice and progress through the K-5 Learn to Code and 6-8 Applied Robotics curriculums, which cover the fundamentals and more advanced coding and robotics skills. The standards-based lessons encourage active learning through creative problem-solving tasks that have real-world application.


    Cross-Curricular Connections

    Search through the database of lesson plans and turnkey activities that can be implemented across all core subject areas. Find STEAM-related content and easy-to-integrate ideas for grades K-8. Apply coding and robotics across the curriculum.


    Level Up

    From kindergarten on up, the seven apps promote student agency. Students are introduced to a variety of ways to code and control the robots as they work through the in-app demos, challenges, and puzzles at their own pace, before exploring through free play.

    Also complimentary to the K-5 Learn to Code Curriculum, 72 challenge cards are perfect for individual practice or in small-group rotation stations. Track students' progress as they work their way through all six levels.


    *Discounts through DCIU*

    As a Wonder Workshop partner, DCIU is able to offer discounts to educators in our region for the Teach Wonder Professional Learning Program (a robot is included with the purchase of the course). Find out more information about this program.