About LocoRobo

    LocoRobo believes in empowering students with the knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to their work towards University STEM degrees and careers. In 2016, they launched the LocoXtreme robot and LocoRobo Academy to teach modern robotics and real-world coding within an industry standard environment.

    Today, they offer a full-blown modern robotics ecosystem that covers every aspect of robotics education while meeting computer science standards and exposing students to the power of software driving the world around us.

    Audience: Various robots fit levels K-12

    Cost: fee-based


    LocoRobo Academy

    Through the LocoRobo Academy, LocoRobo provides self-paced learning material that engages students in months and years of hands-on experiential learning while having fun. This material has been developed by teachers from top schools in the US and by the company's founder, who is an award winning educator. Start with basic coding of the robot with graphical apps; with time, students can advance to the modern methods of coding using Python, C, JavaScript, and MatLab - all this, while having fun!


    Why LocoRobo

    • Real-World Coding: Get students started with graphical block coding and watch as they seamlessly transition to Python in the LocoRobo Academy.
    • Teach Like an Expert: Tons of videos, code, lesson plans, and projects. No coding teaching experience required.
    • Incredible Engagement Levels: Students experience a sense of wonder through project-based learning.
    • Get a Head Start: Set students up for success beyond school.
    • Collaborative Learning: Students learn to work in teams to solve complex, real world challenges.


    About the Company

    Philadelphia-based company LocoRobo Innovations, Inc. offers a world of technically rigorous, self-paced curriculum, high-quality robotics and sensor hardware, and cutting-edge mobile and web software apps.

    The company's goal is to engage children in hands-on, experiential learning and guide them to develop high proficiency technology skills to succeed in their future careers.