Teacher Gaming


    What is Teacher Gaming

    Be it algebra or aerodynamics, teaching complex concepts to unengaged students can feel impossible. Thankfully, teachers can find allies where they least expect them.

    Video games are wonderful for turning the abstract into tangible and applicable learning experiences. They boost motivation and time on task, leading to better results.

    TeacherGaming Desk is an online subscription service that turns video games kids know and love into teaching tools fit for any classroom.

    Audience: K-12

    Cost: fee-based online subscription


    Lesson Materials

    The K-12 lesson materials available on TeacherGaming Desk are developed by a team of qualified teachers.

    At 45-60 minutes each, they cover the required theory for the session, walk you and your students through the gameplay phase with clear instructions, and facilitate discussion and reflection at the end of the lesson.


    The Evidence for Game-Based Learning

    • 78% of teachers feel video games have increased their students' mastery of core concepts and skills
    • 31% is the average increase 5th grade students see in their math scores after playing Frog Stone Isle
    • 93% of 12,000 surveyed players said Kerbal Space Program increased their interest in science and space


    About the Company

    TeacherGaming is an ed-tech company determined to bring educational gaming into classrooms around the globe.

    They are best known for developing an educational remix of the mainstream blockbuster game Minecraft. Now, they are doing the same for 40 other games, bridging the worlds of entertainment and education.