CS Discoveries

  • What is CS Discoveries?

    Computer Science Discoveries (CS Discoveries) is an introductory computer science course designed for students in grades 6-10. The curriculum emphasizes problem-solving, creation, and collaboration, while introducing students to the many ways computer science effects their lives.

    Audience: Middle-High School students, grades 6-10

    Curriculum Length: 3-5 hours per week, 9+ weeks

    Prior Knowledge: None! Just bring your curiosity!

    Cost to use Curriculum: None


    K-12 Curriculum Pathway

    CS Discoveries fits naturally between CS Fundamentals (K-5) and AP/Honors CS Principles (for high school). This allows districts, teachers, and students to complete a K-12 pathway of CS courses that build on each other and cohesively flow together.


    Flexible Implementation

    The CS Discoveries curriculum is for students in grades 6-10, so teachers can implement in either middle school or high school classrooms. The two semesters spiral upon each other, allowing the course to be taught as a single semester (Units 1-3), two sequential semesters, a full-year course, or even integrated into existing technology courses.


    Workshop Overview

    CS Discoveries is designed for teams of middle school educators. Teachers implementing CS Discoveries as a semester or full-year course can apply to participate in a one-year professional learning program. The program has two phases:

    1. Summer: Teachers attend a five-day in-person, conference style workshop designed to introduce CS Concepts from the curriculum and core teaching practices.
    2. School Year: Teachers engage in continued learning through professional development focused on supporting their first year of implementation.


    Curriculum Features

    • Daily instructional lesson plans that include inquiry and equity based pedagogy and background content
    • Formative and summative assessments, exemplars, and rubrics
    • Videos for students and teachers including conceptual tutorials, instructional guides, and lesson tips
    • Code.org - a learning platform that organizes lesson plans and activities with student and teacher dashboards