• Welding

    Department: Career and Technical Education
    Campus: Aston
    School of: Construction Technology
    Instructor: Dustin Trumbore
    CIP Code: 48.0508

    This program prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills in the welding field with the use of gas, arc, shielded/non-shielded metal arc, brazing, flame cutting, semiautomatic, and automatic welding processes. Students will learn safety practices along with, metallurgy, electrical principles, welding symbols & blueprint reading. In this course, the student will learn how to use the proper equipment for testing welds by ultrasonic methods, destruction, and hardness testing, reading and understanding manuals and specification charts for the welding process. The students will learn how to use grinders and chemical baths for surface cleaning, proper clamping technique, and welding standards established by the American Welding Society.

    Prepare students for further education and a career in welding fields - the American Welding Society predicts a shortage of almost 400,000 welders by the year 2025 that have the skills required to meet the demand (Boettcher, 2017).

    Industry Certifications a Student May Earn

    • OSHA-10
    • Certified Welder (AWS)

    Career Opportunities

    • Fabricator
    • Finishing Technician
    • Fitter-Welder
    • Machine Operator
    • Mig Welder
    • Spot Welder
    • Technical Associate (TA)