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    Google Professional Development Services

    DCIU is now offering a wide range of Google professional development trainings to help educators make the most of all the tools Google has to offer in the classroom.

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  • Design Thinking phases: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test

    Design Thinking

    Design thinking is a method for the practical, creative resolution of problems using the strategies designers use during the process of designing. The design thinking process has various stages including: defining the problem, researching, forming ideas, prototyping, and testing.

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  • Bulb App logo


    bulb is a web-based digital portfolio platform where students and educators can curate, create, share, and showcase their smarts. The main goal of the service is to provide a space where students and teachers can evaluate the meaningful works they have created, and to showcase their highlights by bringing in all forms of multimedia.

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  •  GameSalad logo


    This easy to use curriculum provides educators with everything they need to teach their students computer science fundamentals with GameSalad. GameSalad is a drag-and-drop coding platform that can be used to build apps. Units are designed to be modular. Each unit covers one or more topics and each features a specific genre or mechanic, giving you maximum flexibility to design a program of study that meets the needs of your students. The curriculum is state standards aligned.

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  •  LocoRobo robot

    Loco Robo

    LocoRobo advances programming and robotics education for everyone by combining a world-class programming ecosystem with a high quality, low-cost robot.

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  • Makey Makey materials

    Makey Makey

    Makey Makey is an electronic invention kit for everyone! It allows individuals to take everyday objects and combine them with the internet. There are projects for all ages and levels that support project based learning, iterative design, and much more!

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  •  TeacherGaming logo


    To teachers of any level or subject, TeacherGaming is the easy-to-use gamification platform that increases student engagement rates because of its intriguing and entertaining learning games.

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  •  Wonder Workshop robot

    Teach Wonder

    DCIU is excited to work with Wonder Workshop to bring the Teach Wonder Professional Learning Program to Delaware County educators at a deep discount. With two courses, Teach Wonder meets the needs of both elementary and middle school teachers looking for the knowledge and skills they need to teach 21st-century skills.

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