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DCIU STEM Lending Library

  • Do you dream of creating a STEM experience for your students? Excited about STEM, but feel overwhelmed? Have a passion for robotics? Coding? Science? Engineering? Are you looking to create that Maker environment in your classroom or school? The STEM Lending Library is for you!


    How does it work?

    Getting Started

    • Make sure there is a signed policy between DCIU and your school or district for use of the STEM Lending Library. This policy should be signed by both the teacher borrowing the equipment and an administrator (typically the principal). 
    • Browse our inventory of available items.
    • Complete training for any item you would like to borrow. Free online training is available for all items in the lending library. Links to the appropriate courses are available in the description of every item. Completion of training for an item is required before a reservation can be made.


    Reserving an Item Using myTurn

    • Visit the checkout system.
    • Create a user account or login to an existing account. To create an account:
      • Click "Create Account" at the top right corner of the page
      • Enter your first name, last name, and school email address and create a username and password
      • You will receive a confirmation email
      • Once you have created an account, please add the following information into your account profile:
        • School/School District (in the Organization field)
        • School address
        • Phone number (text reminders will launch in 2019)
    • Browse the inventory by choosing "Inventory" at the upper left of the website
    • Choose any item to view its description or click "Reserve" to select dates for your reservation (no more than 14 days for most items). The item will be added to your cart. Once all of your items for the designated timeframe are selected, you can check-out using the cart item a the top right of the page.
      • Please note, reservations for separate dates should be done through separate transactions.
    • Your reservation will be submitted for approval. Once a lending library administrator from DCIU has approved your request, you will receive a confirmation email. This completes your reservation request.


    Borrowing an Item

    • You will receive a reminder email about your reservation three days in advance.
    • On the day of your reservation, the item(s) will be ready at DCIU Morton (200 Yale Ave. Morton, PA 19070). If you can, please let us know what time you plan to arrive so staff can coordinate our availability.
    • When you arrive, let the receptionist know you are here to pick up a STEM Lending Library item.
    • A staff member from DCIU's department of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation (TLI) will assist you in receiving the item.
    • Enjoy the item(s) in your classroom for two weeks!
    • You will receive a reminder email about your due date three days in advance.
    • Return the item to DCIU Morton in the same condition you received it in (lost, damaged, or late items may be subjected to fees, such as repair or replacement costs).
    • Somebody from TLI will check-in the item. This completes the transaction.


    Lending Library Open House

    The STEM Lending Library training will provide an opportunity for participants to learn more about the recent additions to our STEM Lending Library, including micro:bits and Sphero. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to further experiment with devices that have historically been part of the Lending Library. Participants will learn how to check out equipment and discuss ways the equipment can naturally be integrated into the curriculum.