DCIU STEM Lending Library

  • The DCIU STEM Lending Library fosters academic success by providing teachers and students with access to equipment and support for high-quality active learning. 

    How it Works

  • Return a Signed Contract

    Signed policies between district or building administrators allow teachers within that school or district to borrow equipment from the DCIU STEM Lending Library to use in their classrooms. The contract is updated annually.

  • Browse the Lending Library Catalog

    Browse the inventory and use our online booking system to reserve items for the classroom. Borrowers will receive an email reminder before the pickup date.

  • Borrowing and Returning Items

    Bring library items into the classroom, make curricular connections using STEM equipment, and then return the items after two weeks. Share the experience with us @delcoSTEM using #STEMLendingLibrary! Borrowers will receive another email reminder prior to the due date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can I contact if I have a STEM Lending Library question?

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    Please email learn@dciu.org.

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  • How do I borrow using the checkout system?

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    For new Lending Library users:

    New users may sign up for an account with the online checkout system at any time. Choose the "Create Account" option at the top right of the checkout system homepage. Users will be enrolled in a "No Contract on File" membership type. Once a contract has been receive and verified, a DCIU staff member will change the membership to a "Contract on File" membership type. This will allow users to make reservations and check out items until the contract expires at the end of each school year.


    For existing Lending Library users:

    All contracts expire on June 30 of each school year and new contracts are made available the following August. At the end of a contract period, all existing users will be switched to a "No Contract on File" membership type. This will allow users with existing accounts to browse inventory and available resources during the summer inventory period, but does not allow for checkouts. Once new contracts have been submitted, users will be switched to a "Contract on File" membership type, which will allow users to make reservations and check-out items until June 30.

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  • Who is responsible for picking up or dropping off Lending Library equipment?

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    The teacher requesting to borrow equipment is responsible for picking up and dropping off items at DCIU Morton (200 Yale Ave, Morton, PA 19070) on the reservation and due dates. DCIU staff will ensure that items scheduled for pickup are ready on the pickup date. DCIU's regular hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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  • What if I would like to borrow equipment for longer than 14 days?

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    Due to the curricular nature of Engineering is Elementary (EiE) kits, all EiE items may be checked out for up to 30 days by default. Users may also request a renewal for an item after half of the borrowing period has passed, so long as no other teachers have requested that item. Other extensions may be granted by special exception on a case-by-case basis.

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