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    The policies of the DCIU Board contained in this manual govern all the Intermediate Unit programs and technical school programs.


    Notice to Individuals Complaining of Unlawful Harassment or Discrimination

    The elimination of improper conduct, including unlawful harassment or discrimination, is a high priority for the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU). It is the established policy of the DCIU to prohibit all forms of improper conduct, including sexual harassment or discrimination. A copy of the DCIU’s policy is attached hereto, and we urge you to read it and become familiar with its provisions. We would, however, like to use this notice to highlight certain information.

    1. The DCIU will investigate the allegations of improper conduct that you have brought to its attention. The investigation will be conducted by the Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator, or designee. If you have any questions of the DCIU’s investigator, you may contact him/her at the following address and telephone number: Delware County Intermediate Unit 200 Yale Avenue Morton, PA 19070 610-938-9000
    2. During the investigation, you have the right to (a) provide the DCIU with information and documentation concerning the alleged improper conduct; (b) advise the DCIU of the identity and location of any possible witnesses, and (c) all other rights set forth in law or in DCIU policy.
    3. The DCIU is interested in knowing what action you are seeking in response to the harassment or discrimination. Although the law does not require that the DCIU to comply with requested action in order to eliminate unlawful harassment or discrimination, a collaborative dialogue may be a useful tool in ensuring that such harassment or discrimination is eliminated throughout the DCIU.
    4. The DCIU will take reasonable steps to preserve confidentiality and will make every effort to prevent public disclosure of the names of the parties involved except to the extent necessary to carry out the investigation. The DCIU is interested in knowing your views about confidentiality issues and will try to accommodate them subject to the DCIU being able to fulfill its commitment to eliminate unlawful harassment or discrimination.
    5. Delaware County Intermediate Unit employees and students who are alleged to be perpetrators of misconduct and unlawful harassment or discrimination are entitled to due process and are protected by certain confidentiality rights. Subject to the rights of students and/or employees, the DCIU will make an effort to keep you apprised of the progress of its investigation and of any decisions it renders concerning the situation. If you have any questions concerning the progress of the investigation or the actions taken by the DCIU to remediate any harassment or discrimination that may have occurred, please feel free to contact the Director of Human Resources, Title IX Coordinator or the Investigator identified previously in this notice. 
    6. You have the right under the policy to appeal to the Compliance Officer. You must outline your objections in writing to the Compliance Officer at the following address: Delaware County Intermediate Unit 200 Yale Avenue Morton, PA 19070 If you decide to appeal the decision rendered by the Investigator of your complaint, such appeal must be made within ten (10) days of receipt of said written decision.
    7. If, after investigating your complaint, it is concluded that the allegations have merit and that action will be taken to remediate the situation, the DCIU will follow-up with you to make sure that there is not a recurrence of the improper conduct. If there is any repeat of any improper conduct, we ask that you immediately notify the Title IX Coordinator.
    8. The DCIU has a policy of correcting the discriminatory effects of any improper conduct, including sexual harassment or discrimination. Please feel free to advise of the things that you believe that the DCIU should do to correct the discriminatory effects of the improper conduct.
    9. Retaliation by anyone against any individual who has reported improper conduct, including sexual harassment or discrimination, is strictly forbidden. If you believe that anyone is retaliating against you in any way, please notify the Title IX Coordinator immediately.

    Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator

    Frank Salerno, Director of Human Resources  |  |  610-938-9000


    Deputy Title IX Coordinator

    Marianne Meade, Assistant Director of Human Resources  |  |  610-938-9000

    Board Policy 103 – Nondiscrimination in Educational Programs/Services

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