Pupil Services


    Psychological Services

    Provides mandated psychological services to students in IU nonpublic schools. DCIU school psychologists perform a wide variety of functions, geared toward assessing students’ needs and consulting with parents, teachers, school districts, nonpublic schools and various agencies in helping children succeed in school. Psychologists also provide counseling and support to students, faculty and families.

    Equitable Participation

    • Educational Evaluations – Students may be referred for psycho-educational testing if they are thought to have a disability and in need of specially designed instruction. An evaluation is available through both the school district of residence or the intermediate unit. Evaluations are completed by a certified school psychologist.
    • Equitable Participation Consultation – Children who are identified as having a disability and in need of specially designed instruction may be referred for an EP Consult. At that time, a highly qualified teacher may observe students, collaborate with classroom teachers and administrators and make alternative strategies available to enhance the learning environment. 

    Counseling Program

     Request a Consultation with a DCIU Counselor

    Students in approved nonpublic schools may receive counseling services on-site. Areas of counseling may include personal counseling, academic/career counseling, crisis intervention and developmental preventative counseling.
    Delaware County Directory of Child-Adolescent Mental Health and Drug & Alcohol Services

    DCIU Crisis and Intervention Team 

    DCIU's Crisis and Intervention Team assists schools and districts to provide crisis intervention services as well as trainings for postvention activities. Services may include administrative support and guidance, education on trauma and grief, individual and/or group crisis intervention, management of media, identification of at-risk students, support existing school crisis teams and tailored or individual support as requested. The DCIU Crisis and Intervention team is comprised of professionals including psychologist, guidance counselors and administrators. Team members have participated in PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention and Intervention training and bring a variety of experiences in crisis response and are available to assist students, staff, administration and community members in helping to gain an understanding of grief, coming to terms with loss and the grieving process while improving school climate. Only Dr. Maria Edelberg and Kim Mecca will be able to grant access to users for this webpage.

    Evaluation Team/Assessment Services 

    Diagnostic and educational services are provided to specified students identified under school code 1306 who reside in residential programs or correctional facilities within the boundaries of Delaware County school districts. Services of the Evaluation Team include child-find activities, coordination with home school districts, multidisciplinary evaluations and reevaluations, and the development of Individual Educational Plans. Multidisciplinary evaluation process is available to school districts in need of supports to conduct evaluations or assistance completing child find responsibilities.

    BrainSTEPS – Strategies, Teaching Educators, Parents & Students 

    Each year, approximately 4,000 Pennsylvania children survive a severe traumatic brain injury significant enough to require hospitalization. Many are left with life-altering difficulties in physical, cognitive, or behavioral functions. BrainSTEPS is working to make sure that the individuals who provide educational support to children with brain injury have an understanding of brain injury, the resulting challenges, and supports. For educational materials related to Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion or to enroll a student for direct services, please visit the BrainSTEPS website at www.BrainSTEPS.net or call Dr. James Wolf at the Delaware County Intermediate Unit at the following number: 610-938-9000 (6608).

    Psychological Testing Kits

    DCIU's Pupil Services is pleased to lend psychological testing kits to our neighboring school districts’ psychologists in an effort to continue the empowerment of partnerships for education. To request a testing kit, visit the Psychological Testing Kits webpage.



    Kim Mecca, Assistant Director, Student Service  -610-938-9000 x 2193 | kmecca@dciu.org 
    Maureen Breslin, Administrative Assistant to Tracey F. Wise  -610-938-9000 x2253 | mbreslin@dciu.org
    Amber Pitts, Administrative Assistant to Tracey F. Wise  -610-938-9000 x2265 | apitts@dciu.org