• School to Career Programs

    Delaware County Technical High Schools, in cooperation with Business Education Partners, have established school to career opportunities for all eligible students. Cooperative Education is a unique plan for education designed to integrate classroom learning with supervised, paid work experience. Learning by doing is the key to helping students relate schoolwork to real world employment. Shadowing, Mentoring, Internships, Co-op Work experience, Company Visitations, Guest Speakers and Career Fairs are all designed to provide hands-on experience in a specific career. School to Career programs have proven to help students develop a positive work attitude, increase self-awareness and responsibility, refine career goals and enhance problem-solving skills. Consider School to Career programs as part of your technical school experience!

    Job Shadowing

    • allows students to visit a place of employment and observe exactly what trained professionals in their career area do on a daily basis.


    • is a longer term program where the student can spend approximately two weeks observing the trained professional at his or her place of business.

    Cooperative Work Experience

    • is a wonderful high school experience for seniors who meet all the eligibility requirements. Through co-op, students have the opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on work experience while being paid.

     For questions, contact Chris Marshall, Co-op Coordinator