• DCTS Career Counseling Services

    Dr. Diane Rouse, DCTS Aston Campus Counselor
    Phone: 610-459-3050 extension 1011
    Kristen Pellegrino, DCTS Folcroft Campus Counselor
    Phone: 610-583-7620 extension 9209  

    The Guidance Department provides career and academic counseling. The counselors work with students, districts, faculty and families to enhance the Technical School experience. Counselors meet with students regarding:

    • Personal concerns
    • Social concerns
    • Family concerns
    • Academic concerns
    • Career related counseling
    • Students in crisis (suicide, abuse etc.)

    Confidentiality–The information disclosed to the DCTS counselors is held in strict confidentiality with several exceptions:

    • A potential danger to themselves
    • A potential danger to others
    • A potential incident of child abuse

    Within these circumstances the guidance counselors are mandated reporters and will notify administration and appropriate community/law enforcement agencies or parent/guardians of the students in question.

    For more detailed information regarding Guidance and Career Counseling Services view our DCTS Guidance Plan January 2024.

    View the DCTS Student Handbook to learn more about student conduct, discipline and attendance.


    Student Support Services Staff

    The Student Support staff provides individualized support, instructional counseling and placement assistance to students with special needs who are enrolled in DCTS programs. Student Support teachers and instructional assistants are available to students with special needs who require a more structured learning environment that may consist of accommodations and specially designed instruction to build skills and knowledge needed for success in today's careers. Student Support staff coordinate technical school participation in MDE (Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation) and IEP (Individualized Educational Program) meetings. In-service programs are provided to help keep teachers up-to-date on the latest instructional techniques to ensure students success.

    Dr. Linda Lomas – Supervisor of Student Services – Folcroft Campus & Aston Campus
    Kelly Antenucci – Aston Campus
    Kevin Marcus- Aston Campus
    Michelle Kuc – Folcroft Campus
    Patricia Lauria – Folcroft Campus