early childhood title
  • The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program prepares students to work with young children in a variety of settings. This requires an understanding of how children grow, learn, and develop. The curriculum is aligned with the National Child Care Association’s core of 15 “Professional Abilities.” Field experiences and practicums provide opportunities to become involved in actual work with children. The program also prepares students to be a Child Development Associate (CDA). The Early Childhood program prepares students for college and pathways in Early Childhood. Students learn about children through observation, study family characteristics, parenting and caregiver skills, prenatal development, children with special needs, and recognizing child abuse and neglect. Techniques are taught for guiding children and creating a safe, healthy learning environment. Also included in the program are brain development theories, observation and assessment, promoting children’s safety, planning nutritious meals and snacks, guiding children’s health, and developing guidance skills. Students develop and prepare classroom lesson plans and learning experiences while working with the preschool children enrolled within DCIU Head Start and Early Intervention programs. Experiences are provided for children in guiding art, block building, sensory experiences, storytelling, play and puppetry, manuscript writing, math and science, social studies, food and nutrition, music, and field trips.


    Industry Certifications a Student May Earn

    • OSHA-10
    • Child Development Associate (CDA)
    • First Aid/CPR
    • Mandated Reporter Training


    Median Wage for Related Occupations

    • Education Administration, Preschool & Childcare Center/ Program $42,340
    • Preschool Teachers $28,660
    • Preschool Teacher Assistants $24,000
    • Elementary School Teacher $63,900