Computer IT Programming and Software Development
  • Management Information Systems is a series of methods of collecting, compiling, and analyzing large quantities of data to satisfy our society’s ever-increasing need for information. With increasing frequency it is apparent that an understanding of technology is a necessary part of general education for students who live and work in our technological society.Students acquire the skills to analyze, design, implement, test, and document an application solution. The students utilize a state-of-the-art network computer system and its associated peripheral equipment to work on live problems, utilizing business software and object-oriented integrated development environments. Concepts delivered provide the basis of understanding in the area of computer programming and are applicable to business applications, mobile applications, and video gaming.Students will create a relational database, receive instruction in a variety of computer programming languages including writing, testing and debugging code; writing related system user documentation; demonstrating an understanding of core computer concepts to include the internet and the basic functions of business desktop applications; and analyzing common hardware, software and network processes. Students will receive instruction in business ethics and law, economics, office procedures and communications. Students will learn office safety, computer fundamentals, database administration and computer maintenance/troubleshooting.


    Industry Certifications a Student May Earn

    • OSHA-10

    Median Wage for Related Occupations

    • Computer User Support Specialist $51,160
    • Electrical & Electronic Engineering Technicians $52,810
    • Search Engine Optimization Specialist $51,965
    • Computer Programmer $84,880