• The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has transitioned to a new company, MorphoTrust / Idemia, which provides statewide fingerprinting services for review of the FBI criminal history report. 

    For information on fingerprinting services, locations or scheduling an appointment, applicants may call 844-321-2101 or register on line by visiting the PA Department of Education’s website at: http://www.education.pa.gov/Pages/default.aspx#tab-1


    Instructions are as follows:

    Click “Teachers & Administers” (top of page on left)

    Click “Background Checks” (blue letters on the left)

    Go to “Information and Procedures” (on the right)

    Click “Federal Criminal History Record Information”

    Go to “Service Codes” (on the right)

    Select the Agency requiring your fingerprints

    Service Code is in the White Box

    Click uenroll.identogo.com to schedule an appointment and find a fingerprinting location