Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center

  • The Juvenile Detention Center serves students in all 15 School Districts of Delaware County, along with numerous Pennsylvania School Districts outside the County and State. The faculty works with approximately 1200 students per year in Lima, PA. 
    The education program serves boys and girls, ages 10 to 18, who are required to attend and participate in class activities.  Special education records are requested from the home school district and the IEP is implemented. Each student is educated in math, language arts, science, social studies, art, physical  education and Title I services in reading when appropriate. The student receives a percentage grade from each teacher and the student transcript is sent to the home school district upon release. 
    All of our educators are State certified teachers some with multiple certifications, and the programs teaching excellence has been recognized statewide by JDCAP. The Juvenile Detention Centers Association of Pennsylvania (JDCAP) presented these two prestigious awards to our education program at the annual conference State College. 

    • Program of the Year – “Under Cover” Book Club (After school book club encouraging students to read and discuss their books with others.) Coordinator of the Program is Chuck Heitzer, Title I teacher
    • Teacher of the Year –  Barbara Galyean, language arts teacher nominated and won this award out of 22 other Pennsylvania Detention Centers

    Students are also encouraged to participate in activities such as:

    • Student of the Week – Student of the Week displays positive, pleasant and cooperative attitude toward faculty staff, peers, the learning experience, displays appropriate classroom behavior and works entire period on academic assignments and is pleasantly cooperative with faculty/staff and peers. 
    • Book Club – # of books read, discussion & written book report
    • Contests: Poetry, stories, and art
    • Literary Magazine: Collage
    • Mentoring Program: academic tutoring, social skills, chess club, library
    • Career days, Health Day, Mental Health Day, Motivational speakers, partnerships with community agencies.