PRE-K / Emerging 


    Story:  The Ocean

    Download: The Ocean 
    Big Idea from PA Voluntary Model Curriculum (Connection to General Education):
    CCELA: Active listeners make meaning from what they hear by questioning, reflecting, responding and evaluating.
    SCIENCE: Aquatic, terrestrial and human-made ecosystems consist of diverse living and non-living components that change over time and across geographic areas.
    SCIENCE: Living things depend on their habitat to meet their basic needs.
    Vocabulary (* Brigance Subtests, + Core Vocabulary)
    the*  water*  coral  crab  fish  sand  seaweed  starfish 


    Story:  What Makes a Shadow

    Download:   What Makes a Shadow
    Big Idea from PA Voluntary Model Curriculum (Connection to General Education):
    CCELA: An expanded vocabulary enhances one’s ability to express ideas and information. 
    SCIENCE: The earth system changes constantly as air, water, soil, and rock interact, and the earth is a part of a larger sun, earth, moon system.
    CCELA: Critical thinkers actively and skillfully interpret, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. 
    Vocabulary (* Brigance Subtests, + Core Vocabulary): 
    The* Sun* I*+ See* Is* In*+ A* Give* Light* To* Where*+ What*+ Make*+ On*+ Front* Of+ Me*+ Look* My*+ Behind* When* Go* Goes* Stop* Jump* Run* Has* Spot* Where*+