Multiple Disabilities Support (MDS)

  • The Multiple Disabilities Support (MDS) program serve students with severe and profound multiple disabilities, severe cognitive deficits, physical and/ or sensory impairments from the ages of 5-21. Students are grouped according to chronological age charts prescribed by PA Standards and Regulations. Classrooms are located in typical elementary, middle and high schools as well as in a DCIU center located at the Marple Education Center. The program focuses upon functional skills and behaviors critical for activities of daily living, along with an emphasis upon literacy development. Students are guided in leaning domestic, pre-vocational, leisure, and personal maintenance skills according to their individual IEPs. The curriculum is supplemented with related services which included specialized nursing, psychological and social work services, assistive technology, speech and language, hearing, vision, physical and occupational therapies. In addition, art, music and physical education are offered during the week to all students. A Multi-Sensory Room is available for all classes on a scheduled basis during the week. Technology, such as Smart Boards and iPads, are integrated into the classroom. A school wide positive behavior support program is in place to reinforce positive, expected behavior. The Physical Support classroom is located at Haverford High School. A functional curriculum instructs students in daily life skills necessary for community living. Communication skills are taught so students may have the independence to access their daily needs such as traveling within their communities, maintaining personal care and appropriate social behavior and leisure skills.

    The importance of family involvement in all aspects of the educational process cannot be stressed enough. Working with parents/guardians and other caregivers, we will develop and continually revise a plan that will provide the most effective interventions for each student. Ongoing communication and collaboration will strengthen our planning and insure that each student makes optimal progress.



    Supervisor: Tracey Wise, M.Ed  |


    Center-based location: Marple Education Center 85 N. Malin Rd Broomall, PA 19008 484-423-7000 ext 6704