School-wide Positive Behavior Support Program

  • The Marple Education Center rewards our students for following School Wide Expectations that are posted around the building. When staffs “catch” a student following one of the expectations they are given a Mustang ticket. This ticket has a number on the back that correlates with our Bingo board. The students then get to go to the office to hand in their ticket, select a prize from the Prize Box, and put their picture on the Bingo Board number that is on the back of their ticket.
    Each time we get Bingo either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, the students in the row will be called to the office for a Mystery Motivator. This year we have added a twist to our program. We will continue to fill the board until the entire board is filled in! Once we have filled the board the entire school will be provided with a special treat. For example; water ice or soft pretzels. 
    We call home when your child receives a ticket for following the expectations. In addition, we have an assembly program. The purpose of the assembly is to recognize each student that has earned a ticket and reward them with a certificate. We will also review our Social Skill of the month during this brief assembly. These is held every other week.
    Please note the examples of positive school expectations below.

    Be Safe
    • Walk in Hallways 
    • Inside Voice 
    • Wait in line
    • Wait your turn
    • Listen

    Be Kind

    • Keep Hands to self
    • Take Turns
    • Share
    • Inside voice
    • Hold door open