OPTIONS Student/Parent Handbook 2019-2020


    We Welcome Your Child to DCIU OPTIONS Transition Services

    Transition has been defined as a process involving “a change in status from behaving primarily as a student to assuming emergent independent roles in the community.” OPTIONS is a person-centered program providing opportunities in the community for students to develop the necessary skills, habits, and attitudes for employment, travel, daily living skills and recreation and leisure skills. All referrals to OPTIONS are made through the Director of Special Education or Pupil Services when a student’s IEP team believes he or she is prepared to participate in transition services offered at the Intermediate Unit. All placements are individualized and based on each student’s current needs and goals.

    OPTIONS staff is available to attend all assessment (ER) and planning (IEP) activities. The staff wants to work with both you and your child’s current school program. As a team, we can help assess the content, direction and appropriateness of transition services for your child. Once your child is referred to a program, you will have a main contact professional and you can expect performance reports to be mailed to both you and your child’s home school quarterly.
    We are looking forward to working with you. Please call with questions or concerns.  
    Sonya Korinth, Supervisor, DCIU OPTIONS  |  (610) 938-9000, ext. 2317.

    OPTIONS provides services for the fifteen area school districts in Delaware County.  

    We have contracts with districts from out of the county on a request/referral basis.

     Transportation Directors


    Our goal is to support people with disabilities in preparing them to find and maintain jobs, access their communities, establish relationships, and develop their competencies and gifts within the community.

    OPTIONS is an assessment driven program offering a continuum of services in the community for individuals to develop the necessary skills, habits and attitudes for employment, independent living , and community access after graduation from school.

    OPTIONS Programs/Services Offered

    OPTIONS Transition Services Staff

    • Community Living and Learning: Media Apartment & Newtown Towers Apartment
    • Meaningful Day: Media
    • SAILS: Media
    • Travel Instruction and Enhanced Employment – Students are required to work in paid position during inclement weather unless otherwise advised.


    Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated in the community. Every effort should be made to achieve a solution, which will allow the student to remain in the program. 


    It is very important that your child establish the habit of calling in when he/she cannot come to work due to illness, missing the bus; previous appointment, or any other reason.