Early Intervention



    Preschool Special Education is designed to help children with special needs before they enter Kindergarten. 

    • Free screening and developmental assessments for children whose families, pediatricians, or others have concerns about the development of a child in the 3-5-year age range.
    • A multidisciplinary team of certified/licensed early interventionists assesses each child’s learning strengths and needs and may recommend eligibility for special education programming.
    • An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed for children found to be eligible for special education services.



    Natalie Hess
    Assistant Director of Student Services
    Delaware County Intermediate Unit
    200 Yale Avenue
    Morton, PA 19070
    610-938-9000 ext. 1113
    Sherri Roam, M. Ed.
    Early Intervention Supervisor
    DCIU Aston Early Childhood Education Center
    Dr. Esther Bubb, EdD, BCBA, LBS
    Early Intervention Supervisor
    DCIU Marple Education Center
    Patricia Bell, M.S.
    Early Intervention Supervisor
    DCIU Marple Education Center