Alternative Education

  • Corrections Education Program

    Provides required educational services for residents in the George Hill Correctional Facility. Students who have not earned a secondary school diploma or GED may attend the instructional program provided. Both small group and individual instruction are provided, covering a full range of academic and life skills curricula. The host district is reimbursed by the student's home district. 


    The Prison Education Program (P.E.P), provides required educational services for inmates in the George Hill Correctional Facility. Students are under 21 years of age and are not high school graduates. Persons under the age of 18 are subject to the compulsory education laws of the Commonwealth. Appropriate programs are developed for each student. 
    P.E.P. provides students the opportunity to continue their education without a break in services and also allows them to maintain the continuity of their educational process. Encouragement is given to those students who may have dropped out of school to return to the classroom to earn credits for a high school diploma. Recruiters meet with potential students and encourage them to accept educational services. 


    Contact: Matthew White - Supervisor
    George Hill Correctional Facility,
    P. O. Box 23, Cheyney Road, Thornton, PA 19373