DCTS Mock Accident

Delaware County IU 25: 
DCTS Mock Accident Gives Students
Up Close Look at the Negative Effects
of Drinking and Driving 
For the eighth year in a row, students in the Emergency and Protective Services program at Delaware County Technical School (DCTS) participated in a mock car accident in early December. The students played various roles: victims, drunk drivers that caused the accident, EMTs who treated victims and firefighters who extracted victims from the car. 
The purpose of the exercise was twofold: 1) to drive home the reality of drinking, or texting and driving and the damage it can cause, and 2) to give students in the program an opportunity to have hands on field experience. Throughout the exercise, teacher, Bill Richard, explained to the students and others present, via megaphone, what was happening as the students extracted the accident victims from cars. Two classes from DCTS participated while students from other classes watched the accident scene.
Fire companies Folcroft, Aston Beechwood, Lansdowne, Milmont Park were on hand and actively assisted and instructed students as they extracted victims from cars. Using various tools, they took off roofs and doors of the cars, popped open trunks and broke car windows applying skills they learned in class to an actual accident scene.
While the weather was damp and frigid on this cold December morning, the experience the students received and the lifelong lessons they learned were warming to the soul.

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