Collingdale Community School

Program Description
Collingdale Community School (CCS), located on MacDade Blvd in Collingdale, is an elementary and middle school emotional support program that serves students from the fifteen school districts in Delaware County. Within the CCS program there is a Diagnostic Program and an Emotional Support Program. CCS serves students in grades kindergarten through grade eight.
The Diagnostic Program serves both special and regular education students with behaviors that impede their progress in the general education curriculum. They are referred for an eight week diagnostic period by their school districts. A multidisciplinary evaluation is completed and a meeting is held to discuss the results of the report. Recommendations regarding eligibility for special education and the need for specially designed instruction are made. For those students who are already identified as special education students or who are determined to be eligible for special education through the evaluation process, an Individualized Education Plan is developed with the parents and school district representatives. The IEP team determines the need for supplementary aids and services and location of the supports in the Least Restrictive Environment for the students. Students in the diagnostic program are placed in classes with the Collingdale Community School. Collingdale Community School’s academic curriculum is aligned with PA Chapter 4 Curriculum Standards. The students receive group social skills instruction four times weekly with mental health counselors from Crozer Keystone Health Systems that are assigned to each classroom. Students also receive weekly individual counseling from their mental health counselors. Students also have access to mental health services through the on-site psychiatrist provided by Crozer Keystone Health Systems.
The Emotional Support program provides a full-time special education program to students who have been referred from their school districts due to severe emotional and behavioral disabilities that greatly interfere with their learning or the learning of others even with supplementary supports and services in the learning environment. Individualized academic programs include curriculum that is aligned with PA Chapter 4 Curriculum Standards, research based core reading and math curriculum and intervention programs, language arts, science, social studies, physical education and art. There is an emphasis on social and problem solving skills that teaches students how to deal constructively with interpersonal communication. All students participate in group Social Skills instruction and individual counseling with Crozer Keystone Health System counselors. Students have access to mental health services through the on-site psychiatrist that includes a yearly psychiatric evaluation.
Program Accomplishments 
Collingdale Community School is dedicated to providing a specialized school program of academic instruction, social skills training, guidance and counseling to each student in an environment of emotional support.
  • Focuses on teaching the social and academic skills needed to return to their district program
  • Successful collaboration with parents, school district, education staff and mental health staff to facilitate the social, emotional and academic development of all students
  • Diagnostic students are comprehensively evaluated and recommendations are made regarding the need for specially designed instruction, supplementary aids and services and appropriate learning environment
  • Implementation of School Wide Positive Behavior Supports
  • Research Based Curriculum and frequent data collection to monitor student progress and makes changes as needed.
Student Highlights
  • The students at Collingdale Community School participate in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Physical Education, Art, and Social Skills throughout the day.
  • Last school year, to show school pride and develop a sense of community, students voted on new school colors and a school mascot.  Collingdale Community School’s new colors are BLACK and GOLD, and we are now the Collingdale Cougars. GO COUGARS!
  • For the past two years Collingdale Community School has participated in the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program. For the second school year CCS has received a grant from the PA Dept. of Education to support ongoing efforts in Nutrition Education. We have Tooty-Fruity Tuesdays, Vivacious Vegetable Thursdays, and Fresh Fruit Fridays where students get to learn about (and taste!) a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Cauliflower, carrots, grapes, and strawberries are among our student favorites!
  • Collingdale Community School has partnered with the nrgBalance Healthy School Campaign to throw school events that promote healthy eating and regular physical activity in daily life. Events have included “Apple Crunch Day” in the fall and “Go for the Greens” and “Move it Outside” held in the spring of the school year. Our school sponsored a virtual “Walk to Wildwood” in 2009 and celebrated play with a “beach” party at the end of the school year. (Visit for more information.)
  • For the past five years, Peoples Light and Theatre Company has partnered with Collingdale Community School to provide an Artist in Residence for two weeks to work with the students. Each year there is a different theme and students learn social studies content through movement, dance and theatre.
  • The School Wide Positive Behavior Support System provides many opportunities for students to earn positive rewards for expected behavior. The students work on five program goal areas as well as individual goals to earn points each day. The students are taught the expectations in each school setting and consistently reminded of them throughout the day. They are rewarded for earning their day with desirable activities. Students’ points also transfer into School Store Dollars with which they may shop in the school store weekly. There are also daily and weekly rewards such as Intramurals, Clubs, and the Caught-Being Good Lottery built into the system to encourage students to make positive choices and decisions.
  • Students participate in monthly awards ceremonies to reward their achievement in academics, behavior, social skills and overall achievement. Parents are encouraged to attend awards ceremonies!
  • Students at Collingdale Community School have the opportunity to participate in Educational and Reward Field Trips. Last year’s trips included the Philadelphia Zoo and Putt Putt Miniature Golf!
  • We have implemented the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program to increase bullying awareness, and to teach children and staff how to respond to bullying. Students earned a reward trip and a party last school year for decreasing bullying, helping others who were bullied, and including all students in play activities. We have even created an anti-bullying theme song based on our school anti-bullying rules:
    • We are COUGARS! – We do not bully others.
    • We are COUGARS! – We include all peers in play.
    • We are COUGARS! – We help children who are bullied.
    • We are COUGARS! – If we see it we will say.
    • We are COUGARS!
  • In the past, the Students of CCS have participated in Community Service Projects such as collecting food for City Team Ministries in Chester, the Pajama Program that provides pajamas and books for needy children, and Pennies for Haiti. 
Communication with Parents and Families
Collingdale Community School actively seeks parent involvement and participation in all facets of the educational and mental health services available. Parents are invited to participate in our yearly Back to School Night, Award and Graduation Ceremonies, IEP and ER meetings, informal conferences, report card conferences and phone calls to CCS staff.  Parents receive daily information on the progress of their child through the daily goal sheet. Report cards and progress reports are mailed home quarterly.